Let me ask the general public a general question: what's the best destination after a night out on the town? Answer: anywhere that sells food.

Unfortunately, after the bars shut down in New Bedford, there's nothing in the vicinity of downtown and I'm talking about within walking distance of spots like the Pour Farm or Rose Alley Ale House.

Back in the day, anyone who was partying at the Catwalk or Fins could simply cross the street for a slice of pizza at Pizan's. Perhaps you were enjoying a pint or two at Hibernia with plans to walk over to Paddy's Hot Dogs for a couple of Portuguese or Coney Island Gaggers.

It honestly didn't matter what type of food was on the menu; when it's 2 a.m. and you're a few shots deep, food is food.

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These days you can't walk to get food. Instead, it requires driving over to Coggeshall Street where you'll wait an hour to get a McChicken or a couple of chalupas. That's a hard pass in my book.

Providence and Boston has late night food trucks that solve this problem, but the only ones around here close up shop early. Sure, you can settle for some roller food at Cumby's, but it's not as satisfying as hot dogs and pizza – not to mention that you once again would have to Uber or catch a ride.

I hereby propose more after-hour restaurants to sooth the intoxicated soul. If there's one thing I love the most after a brewski or two, it's breakfast. The closest thing New Bedford had was the Golden Greek over on Coggeshall Street, but after years of late night "riff-raff," the restaurant discontinued its late-night hours. After all, you can't really blame them, but trouble does come with the territory.

Sure, Taco Bell is a temporary fix before the hangover kicks in, but imagine a pop-up taco cart or sandwich truck that could easily whip up some late-night deliciousness. That's what downtown is missing and if anyone was thinking about opening up an eatery with late hours, now's your time to shine.

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