Boston's food festivals just keep getting better!

Seriously though, Boston might have the best food festivals around. There's the Pizza Festival, the Pickle Festival and now - the Donut Festival.

Yes indeed.  All donuts, all day on July 28th at the South End's Underground Ink Block.

If you've never been, it's basically an I-93 underpass made into a mini-park with murals on all the concrete that has been home to dance classes, yoga classes and hundreds (if not thousands) of Instagram photo ops.

And now donut lovers can rejoice in this space with a day of their favorite sweet treat.

And this Festival is doing it right.

There are donuts from 10 different shops from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, with more to be added soon (I totally think The Donut Factory should get involved in this).

Shops already announced are Blackbird Doughnuts, DJ's European Market, Donut Stand, Donut Villa Diner, Doughboy Donuts, Kanes Donuts, Knead Doughnuts, Momo's Cafe, Rocco's Doughnut Co, Satellite Doughnuts and Union Square Donuts.

I've only have Knead Doughnuts from the shops on this list, but they are amazing so I'm sure all these donuts makers will be bringing some delicious goodies for Festival goers to try.

Tickets are on sale now and the event is just a couple of weeks away, so get your comfy pants ready for Donut Fest!

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