Great news, donut lovers! The Donut Factory has confirmed a second location is opening here on the SouthCoast.

If you find yourself constantly dreaming of those mouth-watering, hot and fresh out of the oven, glazed and gooey soft donuts from The Donut Factory, then you're in for a treat (pun intended).

The Donut Factory has indeed multiplied by two and will be opening up a second location in...*drum-roll*...Fairhaven.

Owner Jackie Webb-Pinheiro tells Fun 107 that the new Donut Factory will be opened up to the public around the first week of June. The location will be close to Market Basket on the Fairhaven-New Bedford line at 7 Howland Road in Fairhaven.

As far as what will be offered, you will still be able to get the same delicious donuts and oven-baked goodies, plus a whole lot more:

  • A candy bar for all ages where kids and adults can fill a bag with their favorite candies by the pound.
  • There will be a donut-decorating station where you'll be able to see the magic unfold right before your eyes with their decadent donuts and toppings.
  • Homemade French Dip Au Jus sandwiches will be added to their specialty menu.

If your mouth isn't watering yet, just wait until their grand opening in June. More details to follow.



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