Your Facebook feed maybe full of this dill pickle looking storm, but don't believe the hurricane hype just yet...

With reports of a potential tropical storm headed our way and news of a new hurricane forming, people have been a little freaked about the weather. So we spoke with ABC 6 meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers to get to the bottom of things.

potential cyclone image

If you've seen this dill pickle storm online, sorry to say it has already passed us by.

That soothing rain Tuesday night that put you to sleep? Yeah, that was this potential storm.

According to Jeff, when storm's get names with numbers, it just means they have the potential of growing into something bigger and should be watched. This particular storm did not grow into anything but some rain for our neck of the woods.

And Tropical Storm Irma is not heading our way just yet's a new storm off the coast of Africa and if it affects us, Jeff says it won't be until around the 8th or 9th of September.

So what will the weather be like this Labor Day weekend?

Mostly nice days according to Jeff, with some rain Saturday night into Sunday that will be from the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

So stop panicking and get out and enjoy this long weekend!

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