Thinking about going on a last minute getaway for the holiday weekend?  If you're brave enough, there are some pretty amazing deals happening down at the Dominican Republic.

Brittny Silverman visited the Dominican Republic last month just before all of the news broke about multiple Americans dying and Big Papi being shot.  She and her family had traveled down to Punta Cana for her brother's wedding at the beautiful Barcelo Bavaro Palace.  As they were checking out of her hotel, a story broke about an American woman surviving a beating that took place at a resort.  They had paid $300 a night for 4 nights, on top of the $1200 in airfare for two, for a total of $2400.

We checked prices for the 4th of July weekend.  That same trip at the same hotel including airfare for two is now priced at only $1500.  Think about that.  That is a 4-night luxury vacation in Punta Cana--including airfare and over a holiday weekend--for only $750 per person.  That's a lot of vacation for $750.  Without exaggeration, it would cost you more to drive to the Cape next weekend for two nights.

I mean, is it us?  Or is this actually tempting?  The adventurous side of me says to avoid the minibar, buy some alcohol at the duty-free shop, and enjoy a weekend of sunshine.  Then, I remember that I'm a middle-aged father of two.

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