Whether you're stocking up on supplies for your kids or headed back to college yourself, you might need a little extra help. 

Back to school season has (unfortunately) found its way back to us. Which means parents have started getting those back to school supply lists in the mail and have ventured out to fill a cart with everything their kids need for the upcoming year. It's not uncommon for all those supplies to cost a couple hundred dollars (per kid!!) and sometimes, that's just not feasible for every family. Especially when buying for more than one child.

Or maybe you are the one who's heading back to school or starting out in college. A credit card is a great way to responsibly build credit and to help you stock your dorm, new apartment, or just get you the supplies you need for class.

That's where Westport Federal Credit Union can help. WFCU offers low-interest, fixed-rate Visa cards. All you need to be approved for a card is to establish an account with just $5 in it at WFCU, an ID and 2 recent paystubs.

Once you are approved, you can view your outstanding balance online and make payments as you want.

If you are thinking of heading back to school, you can find out more about Westport Federal's personal loans that will make pursuing all your dreams a reality here.

Dollars & Sense is sponsored content brought to you by Westport Federal Credit Union. Visit a branch on State Road or Main Road in Westport or online to learn more about their loans, EZ Banking, rates, or to open an account. 

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