Very often, we ladies joke about Target being some sort of Heaven, but being approached by strangers inquiring about "Mother God" is not funny.

Bizarre, right?

Most encounter stories don't go much further than that. It seems that most people who are approached are quickly uncomfortable with the one-sided dialogue and walk away without much interaction.

Online searches link these people to the World Mission Society Church of God, a group known for sending missionaries out looking to engage people in conversation about "God the Mother." Even though their closest listed location is in Connecticut, there are a number of incidents being retold on social media locally. Just this past February, Boston University had to address the problem after several students reported bizarre encounters.

What is most dangerous about these encounters, however, is that somewhere along the line, people started to identify these incidents as sex-trafficking scams and human trafficking rings. One quick search of the phrase "Mother God" and phrases like "cult," "sex-trafficking," and "human-trafficking" quickly pop up. Without much investigation into how credible the source is, the scam is quickly reposted, retweeted, and shared like wildfire.

There are plenty of second-hand stories online about this happening on the SouthCoast and an occasional first-hand post like the one below.


But the Dartmouth Police said they are not aware of any calls regarding the strange encounters. In fact, without any public warning from any of local police departments, we're thinking this is just an out-of-control rumor.

While it certainly would make us uncomfortable to be approached in public by folks asking about "Mother God,"  the stories serve as a good reminder to be vigilant of your surroundings.

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