My "commute" into work is a joke. It's a seven-minute ride to our Fairhaven studios, and there isn't much variation in traffic at five o'clock in the morning. Trust me, I appreciate it every single time I leave the house and know exactly how long the ride will take me.

Early in my career, I commuted daily to a Boston radio station. Not only did the commute take a toll on my car, but I could also feel it slowly robbing my soul. After that Boston commute, I vowed to never live far away from a job site again.

That being said, as I drove to each of the different places during Restaurant Week, I found myself really enjoying the morning ride more than I thought. I'd turn up the radio, I'd sing badly, I'd swing into Dunkin'. It was a great way to start my day.

It got me kind of missing a little bit of a commute. I'd never want anything too long. Maybe a 20-30 minute (tops) ride into work would be perfect?

Maddie low-key agreed with me. She had an eight-minute ride into her last job. Now, her ride into Fun 107 takes her roughly 40 minutes. She admitted driving with the loud radio and singing helps to wake her up before she hits the airwaves each morning.

There are mornings, though, when she's extra tired, that she wishes she could have her baby-sized commute back.

Snowy days are also days that short commutes are certainly appreciated.

Am I crazy to miss my commute? Or do you agree with me?

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