During the pandemic, going to the grocery store was an adventure. Before heading in, you'd find a mask somewhere in the car, put it on and lather up your hands with Purell.

Now, instead of worrying about arrows in the aisles or wiping up the handles on carriages, it's the massive inflation on the price tags that has people cringing.

Enter Fun 107.

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For the past year or so, we've been filling people's gas tanks as a way to reward them for having the Fun 107 app on their phones. The gas tank was a real pain point for a lot of people, so this was one of our more popular contests.

When we decided to bring back Show Us Your App for this spring, recognizing that the pain point for people on the SouthCoast was happening at the grocery stores even more than the gas pumps, we decided to change things up just a bit.

Introducing a new version of the wildly popular Show Us Your App contest.  All you have to do to be eligible to win is download the Fun 107 app to your phone.

That's it. Then, just walk around and live your life.

Make sure, however, that you've downloaded the Fun 107 app to your phone before you think about entering another SouthCoast grocery store. Every day, Gazelle heads out in the Fun 107 van and pops in at random grocery stores on the SouthCoast.

We'll visit them all, from Market Basket in New Bedford and Fall River, to Shaw's in Dartmouth and Fall River, to Stop and Shop, Walmart, and Trucchi's throughout the area.

It's pretty simple: Gazelle walks into one of the grocery stores and randomly asks people to see the Fun 107 app on their phones.  If they have it, he'll pay for their groceries ... up to $100!

Katarina Amaral was shopping at the Shaw's in Dartmouth when she was approached by Gazelle in his Fun 107 jacket. Lucky for her, she had the app on her phone.

"You just paid for the groceries for my daughter's 4th birthday," she said with tears in her eyes. "You don't know how much this means to me."

You can download the Fun 107 app right here:

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