Just when you think your mom's chicken vegetable soup is going to cure your lingering cold this fall.

Usually, when I feel a cold coming on, the first thing I do is start pumping my body with Vitamin C packets. They totally work for me. I'll have a packet first thing waking up, then again at lunchtime and if needed another before bed. Knock on wood, this usually does the trick for me.

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Now, I wouldn't consider these Vitamin C packets to be the old-fashioned home remedies from when I was a kid. I mean, they weren't even around until maybe five years ago, but this is definitely something that is currently working for me that I chose to promote in my household as long as they keep helping.

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Some of the other obvious remedies we've heard that supposedly work on the common cold over the years may not be as helpful as we were led to believe.

I came across a good article at the WCVB website that dissects these remedies to find out whether or not they really do help in getting rid of the pesky seasonal cold. For one, echinacea. This natural herb has become wildly popular over the past decade and has a reputation to fight off infections and viruses, but there are many doctors out there, as you'll read in the article, that do not recommend taking this supplement to their patients. A recent review concluded that echinacea does not reduce the length of colds significantly but may offer weak benefits.


However you remedy the winter colds and illness for you and everyone in your house this season, a little honey and a lot of love will go a long way.🍯❤️

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