The people behind dNB Burgers are adding to their repertoire with the plan for a seafood restaurant opening this summer.

If you love what dNB Burgers is doing with beef, get ready for Union Flats to take over the former Pier 37 location this summer.

I'm honestly not the biggest seafood fan out there, but if they're doing things they way they are at dNB even I'm beyond excited to give it a try.

Union Flats plans to offer fresh food, made from locally caught and sustainable seafood. And considering how close that seafood is caught, you just know it;s going to be amazing.

And it's all to be prepared by Chef Chris, formerly of Little Moss.

He'll be introducing seafood additions to the dNB Burgers menu every week to give people a taste of things to come this summer.

And they have started an Instagram account for the new seafood place, which you can follow to keep up-to-date on the restaurant's timeline to opening.

And get a look at those upcoming menu items

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dNB has been grinding their own burgers, curing their own bacon, pickling their own pickles and even making their own ketchup to rave reviews for a while now.

And they are taking that incredible attention to detail and love of crafting food to Union St in New Bedford soon.

Seafood lovers rejoice, Union Flats is expecting to arrive this summer.

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