Times are a changin at Walt DIsney World, and some think its not for the better. If you have been recently, you may have used Disney's $1 Billion dollar invention, the "Magic Band".

These bands are worn around your wrist, and can track everything you do at DIsney, including storing your Fastpass information, where you are in the park, and what places you are eating at. An example I read was this...A couple enters a lunch order on a touchscreen at a Disney restaurant, the screen then instructs them to sit anywhere. Minutes later, someone brings them the food they ordered. They were tracked by the magic bands.

Ray Medieros Facebook
Ray Medieros Facebook

Disney says the ability to gather this data will make things smoother running at the parks and if it catches on, other companies may choose to adopt the same system.

Combine this with the fact that ticket prices just went up to 100 dollars for the day, and some Disney fans are really turning Grumpy!

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