Not that you'd be looking for a dog on the Patriots sideline, but apparently there has been one there all season long.

This year the New England Patriots announced that they had a new four-legged employee named Boyd.

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Boyd is an adorable border collie-husky mix who has been working hard all fall long keeping geese off the practice field.

Honestly, that just sounds adorable.

I didn't realize geese on the practice field would be such an issue, but considering how annoying they can be at a park or crossing the road I can see where this pup would come in handy.

And he does indeed.

From the sounds of things, the whole team loves him as well as his owner/trainer, Ryan Bjorn.

Ryan was hired this year as the Gillette Stadium field superintendent and just had to bring Boyd with him.

The two had been protecting a soccer complex in Maryland from geese and things previously and now are bringing their talents to Foxborough.

It does make me wonder what Boyd will get up to in the winter months. I mean once the geese fly South, what will Boyd's job be?

I'm sure Ryan will find something for his cute companion to help with on the field.

And what could be cuter than a husky in the snow?

Here's hoping the folks at Gillette Stadium share some more photos of Boyd with us this winter.

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