I did some re-organizing in my home yesterday down in the basement where we store all of our, well, stuff. I realized I was heavily stocked up on paper towels, thinking that one of the bundles was toilet paper and it was not. So as you can imagine, this had me a little concerned.

We went for a ride to Fairhaven's Fort Phoenix yesterday for a long walk outside after being cooped up inside all day. I figured that instead of walking into several stores hunting for toilet paper that I would make calls instead to see who, if anybody, has it restocked.

Well, I was in luck and so are you.

Last night, Walmart in Fairhaven had toilet paper, tissues and disinfectant wipes. They did have a limit to how many packages of toilet paper you could purchase at the register. I walked up with two packages and was told I could only buy one. This nice guy in the checkout next to me said, "Hey I can purchase that for you if it helps." Then the person at the register decided it was ok for me to buy both packages of toilet paper.

I mean seriously, did we ever think we'd be in a place where we'd, first of all, be hunting for hard-to-find packages of toilet paper, and secondly be told, "I'm sorry, you can only buy one four-pack today, Miss." It's weird, embarrassing and I don't like it.

I also found out that Ocean State Job Lot in Fairhaven got a very large shipment of toilet paper that wasn't going to be put on the shelves until after closing last night. The gal I spoke with on the phone said they'd have a full stock on the shelves when they opened this morning at 8 a.m.

So, if you are on the hunt for toilet paper today, good luck.🚽👀

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