It's a bizarre news story to say the least, but one side says that Russian President Vladimir Putin stole the Super Bowl ring, while the other side says it was a gift. So what happened?

According to Robert Kraft, Valdimir Putin pocketed a Patriots' Super Bowl ring about eight years ago. He recently revealed that information while speaking at an awards ceremony. Kraft says that he wanted to show Putin the ring, but Putin ended up stealing it. Now Vladimir Putin's team is trying to put an end to that story.

So Putin says that Kraft gave him the ring - he didn't steal it. A representative for the Russian President says that Kraft clearly presented the ring as a gift at the time, and there was no theft. So when did this happen? In 2005.

After the Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, Kraft met up with Putin in St. Petersburg, and according to a statement that followed that meeting, Kraft had decided to give the ring to Putin as a 'gesture of goodwill'. So which is it?

Apparently Kraft said that he wanted the ring back, but Putin had already put it in is pocket, and then walked out while KGB guys kept Kraft from getting to him. Then President George W. Bush advised him to let Putin keep it, to improve relations with Russia.