The shame of Alex Rodriguez continues, as reports are coming out suggesting that the Yankees' third baseman may have actually paid protesters to show up to support him. 

A-Rod's suspension hearing was this week in New York City. He is arguably the most hated man in all of Major League Baseball, and it doesn't look like it will be getting any easier for him.

SB Nation says that a report in the New York Daily News suggests that the more than 70 protesters outside of the MLB's Manhattan HQ could have possibly been paid to be there, holding signs in support of their favorite player, Alex Rodriguez.

To most people, A-Rod seems like a shady character. So, as crazy as it seems that he would actually pay an army to support him, it's not out of the question. Remember how Melky Cabrera helped create a fake website in an attempt to beat a positive test result? Paying protesters to help your cause seems a bit more tame than that.

So is there any truth behind it? So far, it's all just speculation. The SB Nation report does say that one of the protesters tweeted that he was being paid, and given some meals to be there in support of A-Rod, but nothing official.


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