Plymouth County Sheriff's Deputy James Creed, the man who shot and killed Taunton Stabbing Massacre suspect Arthur DaRosa, is talking about the tragic event.

Creed and his wife were eating at the Bertucci's Italian Restaurant in the Silver City Galleria on May 10 when DaRosa entered the restaurant, grabbed a knife, and began stabbing waitress Sheena Savoy.

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School George Heath and his wife Rosemary then intervened.

Creed tells WPRI-TV that at first he didn't fully understand what was happening.

"It took a second to process it at first, it looked like they may be horsing around like they knew each other," said Creed.

However, once Heath was fatally stabbed Creed says he drew his gun and ordered DaRosa to drop the knife.

"At that point I just kept my firearm trained on him and I kept giving him chances to drop it and get on the ground," said Creed "and eventually he got too close, probably six-seven feet, and I had to fire one round."

While some have called Creed a hero, Creed says that honor belongs to George Heath.

"To me George Heath was the hero," said Creed "George intervened first and if George hadn't intervened I might not have had time to gather myself."

Another victim, 80-year-old Patricia Slavin, was also killed by a DaRosa in a home invasion that took place earlier that day.