Demi Lovato has been taking some much needed time to focus on her well being, and the world was watching when she took the stage for the first time since getting sober.

Demi Lovato has always been an artist that we know sings from her heart. From tough relationships and breakups to substance abuse, we have watched Demi's life unfold before us.

What she has gone through is tough for any person to overcome, never mind someone who has the pressure of the spotlight on her.

Demi's public struggle with substance abuse has been heartbreaking to watch as we have seen this beautiful, talented, and passionate girl grow up before our eyes while battling her demons.

It's clear from her performance at the Grammy Awards that Demi is now in a place where she has come to terms with all of her issues and wants to share the story. It was tough watching her struggle to crack the mic for the first time on such a massive stage, but we were all here for it and she absolutely nailed it.

In case you missed her performance and me playing it in my "Wicked or Whack?" segment on the air today, here is the song everyone is saying has a pretty powerful message:

The lyrics are pretty powerful but as you can hear, it's a pretty tough song to sing vocally as well. I almost am afraid to ask an opinion on this song as it's so extremely personal to Demi. Hopefully, you all with think it's wicked.

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