I'm going to start this article off bluntly by saying that TikTok is one of the greatest apps of all time.

Every now and then, I'll hit gold on a video. Today just so happened to be one of those days.

Allow me to introduce to you a woman from Dartmouth by the name of Britnee Audette. She had one of the greatest epiphanies I've ever witnessed, even if it was on TikTok.

While Audette was sitting in her vehicle waiting at her daughter's bus stop, she began editing a TikTok of one of her dogs.

Then, this happened:

"That's when I realized that he looks like such a boy dog," Audette said, "But is that because I know that he’s a boy, or does he have 'boy dog features' and is that even a thing?"

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Audette's dogs are Eli (male, age 2.5) and Evie (female, age 1.5).

Honestly, she has a pretty solid point. Is it silly? Of course, but it's creative and gets the juices flowing in the old brain. Admit it, you've probably never thought about this until today and I'm right there with you.

"My fiancé saw it and his reaction was, 'These are the kind of things you think about during the day while I’m worrying about how we are going to put our daughters through college,'" Audette said. "After all, one of us has to be the fun one. Clearly, it’s not him."

I'm curious as to what your thoughts are. I honestly could not tell the sex of a dog just by looking at the dog's face, but I've heard about many who can.

Try for yourself below.

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