The Dartmouth Board of Health has shut down Wasabi on Route 6 until they can meet health code standards, says Health and Sanitary Inspector, Janice Young.

According to Southcoasttoday, Young found a list of violations at Wasabi dating back several years and says that "every time she goes to this restaurant she finds more unsanitary conditions."  The restaurant has been fined in the neighborhood of $3,000 for health code violations in the past 3 years.

Based on the inspection during May 19th, there were old spills and rusty, moldy shelves inside the fridge. Certain foods were not covered in the fridge. A bowl of shredded chicken was left on the floor under a sink as well as a duty pipe. There was a dirty crusted sugar scoop, a leak in the ceiling with blackened tiles. Uncovered raw chicken wings and egg rolls. Also, there was dirty food storage containers and blank sushi log.  -The Standard Times


The health board voted last night to shut down the restaurant until their problems can be corrected.  Young tells Fun 107 that the order was supposed to be effective immediately, but the restaurant was still serving food until closing last night.

Wasabi Sign

A sign hung on the door this morning announcing a construction project for the restaurant.

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino

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