While holiday shoppers will enjoy all the usual early morning Black Friday festivities this year, the Dartmouth Select Board are looking to end that tradition in 2017.

At Monday's meeting, the board reviewed Black Friday applications for the Dartmouth Mall, Walmart, and Kohl's in Dartmouth.

While most members didn't want to vote against this year's applications, they were also hesitant to approve the 1 am opening time the day after Thanksgiving.

Eventually, this year's Black Friday 1 am opening applications were approved with a 3-2 vote, however with the stipulation that every business would also receive a letter informing them of 6 am opening times for 2017.

Board member Shawn McDonald said he votes against the applications every year because it takes employees away from families.

"It rushes Thanksgiving for the employees and the families that they have to get it done, and so that they can get in their uniforms and charge to make corporate money on one item that goes on sale, and then have a fight for everybody else," McDonald said.


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