You know you've made it to the big leagues when you get your very own menu item nationwide at a major chain restaurant.

Remember Dartmouth native Zachariah Porter?

Who am I kidding? Of course you do. He's on everyone's daily TikTok and Instagram newsfeed. With each day that passes, he's climbing to new heights of success.

Porter was recently given his own burger on the menu at 1,500 Denny's restaurants across the country.

It's called the Mo' Mozzarella Burger. It's essentially a cheeseburger with four crispy mozzarella sticks atop the patty between two brioche buns and a side dish of marinara for dipping.

How Zachariah Porter's Denny's Collab Came to Be

I scored an exclusive interview with the TikTok sensation who recently moved from New Bedford to Brooklyn to start a new chapter.

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"Denny's has been running this campaign for over a year, where a total of 24 influencers across TikTok and YouTube were selected back in January and partnered together those with similar vibes," Porter said. "We started having introduction calls with Denny's in February where they presented categories for us to work with to steer us in different directions with different burgers. Eventually, my partner Drea and I gave birth to the Mo' Mozzarella Burger.

Courtesy Zachariah Porter
Courtesy Zachariah Porter

In a group effort, Porter and Drea were flown out for a menu photo shoot in Los Angeles and then out to Denny's headquarters in Dallas to see the behind-the-scenes action of the company.

Mo' Mozzarella Burger On Menu Through October

"It originally went public on Sept. 9 and I had to drive 45 minutes to Queens to find a Denny's just to try one," Porter said. "It was so surreal with the countertops and the menus. My face was everywhere. Funny story: When they sent me the first proofs, I was shocked at how small they made me look next to Drea since she's so tall."

How the Mo' Mozzarella Burger Tastes

"The burger is super great," Porter said. "It's a no-brainer. You just know it's going to taste good."

Courtesy Zachariah Porter
Courtesy Zachariah Porter

What It's Like to Be on the Denny's Menu

"It honestly feels amazing," Porter said. " I'm so grateful that I can continue to work with this (social media platform) and to have these opportunities keep presenting themselves. Things are continuing to progress and I'm really proud of it."
If you're looking to give Porter's burger a try, then you're in luck. The Fall River location at 243 William S. Canning Boulevard has confirmed that the Mo' Mozzarella Burger is in stock and on their menu.

As for Porter, keep making us proud. While you're getting your face printed on menus across the country, you're also putting the SouthCoast on the map.

Kudos, amigo.

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