Not all heroes wear capes.

On Sunday, May 27 around midnight, I ventured into one of the last few late-night food establishments here on the SouthCoast, the Dartmouth TGI Fridays.

I had just got off work and was craving those delectable buttery/salted pretzel sticks that come with a side of beer cheese for dipping.

I enjoyed a nice cold beer at the bar while waiting for my order to be ready. There's no better feeling than the subsiding anticipation once you see the hostess or server walking your way with what you automatically assume, and start hoping, is your order. I couldn't be any more right.

Eighteen-year-old Danny Clayton from Westport was the host that night and had already worked a full day's shift. He had started at 1 p.m. and was still going strong, smiling from ear to ear as he politely and enthusiastically told me, "Here's your pretzel sticks sir, I hope you have a great night!"

As I paid my bill and began to walk away, the delicious package in my hand, I heard a loud voice from behind me, "Sir, wait! We forgot to put the beer cheese in the bag!"

Let those words settle in for a moment..."forgot to put the beer cheese in the bag."

That's like, the best part! Without the beer cheese, you just have...well, you just have pretzels! Imagine if I got all the way home to find out that cheese was not included? I'd be an angry Gazelle for sure.

Clayton explained to me with a sincere, apologetic tone that he always checks first to make sure the order is complete before it walks out the doors, and he did exactly what he was supposed to do. Sensing something was wrong, Clayton cross-checked and re-evaluated the order and came to the conclusion that something was missing.

This was a sure sign that this kid loves his job.

Danny Clayton, we may not know each other well, but I can assure you that your hard work will, in fact, be recognized. If not now, someday. Do not stop whatever work ethic drives you to be the best host to ever step foot into TGI Fridays. Do not stop striving to make others around you feel welcomed, because when it comes to customer service, you are top notch.

Thank you, Danny Clayton, for making my visit to TGI Fridays in Dartmouth one I will never forget.


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