The Dartmouth High Robotics Team is doing more than just building robots from the ground up. It is learning about everything it takes to run a company, including finding the funding to run it, assigning roles necessary to make the company move forward, and giving back to the community by providing free summer classes for young students interested in getting started in robotics.

The team started eight years ago with two interested students. From there, team membership grew to 15 students, prompting the group to form a second robotics team within the club. Having two teams allowed for all members to have a hand in (and on) the robots throughout development. Currently, the club is up to 21 students combined.

Team mentor Samuel Brodsky said being part of the Robotics Club has been some of the most authentic, real-world activity he’s ever done with students.

“They are running a little robot design company: they design, build, and program a new robot every year from the ground up. This would be amazing in itself, but they also have to organize themselves into a working company with different engineering teams, supervisors, outreach coordinators, a president, a grant writing team, etc.," he said. "They procure all their funding from grants and donations. They organize and run summer classes for middle schoolers. They travel to elementary schools for presentations. Most importantly, they have a lot of fun doing it.”

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The club raises funds, as mentioned, to help pay for its competitions throughout the state as well as allowing them to host free classes over the summer for aspiring engineers

The Dartmouth High School Robotics Team is just one of the many groups who have entered our inaugural Boosting with Pride campaign. They will compete to win a cash prize to help boost its fundraising efforts.

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