When an invite was sent to the Dartmouth Police Department to join the Potter School's field day, it was an invitation the men and women and blue couldn't turn down.

The words "Field Day" to a majority of children is like Disney World on a school day. When you get the chance to bring in local police officers who love their community and are not only keeping everyone safe from harms way, but are also having a good time with the school... That's a special kind fo person.

That's the true character of the Dartmouth Police Department.

From tug-o-war to the "parachute" game to obstacle coarses, officers Catana, Tavares and Detective Costa covered the terrain and had a blast with the kids, staff and the PTO.

Below are a set of photos our fellow police friends sent to Fun 107 to spread the love and to spread the word on how a community comes together, no matter what your occupation is.

Great Job, DPD!

Next time you need someone to hold down the anchor position on the tug-o-war rope, give me a call... I'll be ready to take on the job.

*Do I smell a tug-o-war challenge between local Police Departments?! After all... ANYONE can eat chicken wings.* #ChallengeRequested



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