Imagine finding an outfit you like in a Dartmouth store. You're excited to buy it, but you want to play it safe and try it on to make sure you like it and that it fits. You head to the nearest fitting room at the store and start to get undressed. That's when you notice a strange man peeping in at you.

Can you imagine the shock and horror of being spied upon inside a dressing room where you think you have privacy? That is exactly what happened yesterday inside a Dartmouth retail store.

A young lady was changing into an outfit when the suspected male allegedly went into the stall next to her and slipped an iPhone underneath the wooden panel to record her as she undressed.  She spotted the camera and ran out.

The store's video surveillance cameras got some clear still photos of the suspect fleeing the store, and Dartmouth Police were feverishly searching for a man as of Friday afternoon.

The suspect's photo was posted on the Dartmouth Police Facebook page with the hopes of getting some leads.

We spoke with Dartmouth Police Detective Kyle Costa who told us that within five minutes of posting the photos, the department received dozens of calls. Costa said he believed there was a very solid lead on the suspect and was hopeful that he could be apprehended as early as Friday night.

Dartmouth Police are asking anyone who may have a tip to share it by private messaging the department's Facebook page or calling Costa at (508) 910-1755.


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