After anxiously reaching into their carriage, the young boy pulled out a toy to give to one of the officers. While doing so, his mother said "Honey, but that's what you picked out for yourself today. Why don't you give them one of the other toys?" Without hesitation, the young boy replied to his mother "No mom. It's more important for another kid to have it. I want to!"

Well, DPD did not catch the boy's name that day. They reached out to the community via their Facebook page and the social media gods answered their prayers.

"It's a Christmas Miracle!

So, do you remember our post from yesterday when we asked for your help in locating a young boy who selflessly donated a toy during our toy drive on December 9th? Well, thanks to all of YOUR help and shares, a Christmas miracle took shape, as we were able to identify him this afternoon as Lucas Ross.

As we strongly felt as if Lucas should be recognized for his effort, we surprised him at a class assembly at Quinn Elementary School this afternoon, at which time Acting Chief Levesque presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation, as well as a department patch.

As an added bonus, members of DPD also presented Lucas with several toys, which included some items from Nerf (which his dad told us he loved) and a small drone.

As we salute Lucas for his selfless act of kindness, we would like to remind everyone that the best gifts are not those that you receive, but instead those that you give!

Great job Lucas!"

DPD / Facebook
DPD / Facebook

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