Is there anything the Dartmouth squad in blue can't do?

Thanks to them and the power of their social media, the "rightful" suspect that was involved in the Dartmouth Kings Inn parking lot hit and run on August 3 has come clean.

According to the Dartmouth Police Department, the suspect (whose name has yet to be released) was torn apart from all the pressure on social media and sent in a third party to speak with the DPD on his behalf.

Honestly, I have no idea what the back story is to this parking lot scrapple, or why anyone would want to run over anybody for that matter. I'm glad this guy came forward and confessed.

Do you realize the scrutiny I've been under since all this has gone down? Left and right, my social media, cell phone, email, you name it; people were calling me out, asking if the perpetrator in the security cam footage was me.

Yes, I realize that this guy looked similar to me, but that just means I had to deal with pointed fingers and false accusations. I mean, this is my name I have to protect, this is my life.

I had a crystal clear alibi on August 3, as I was at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament and then continued over to a New Bedford bar until closing time. There's no way it could have been me, never mind you wouldn't catch me there to begin with (sorry, not sorry).

Regardless, a huge thank you to the DPD for cracking this case wide open and clearing my name. I owe you guys and gals some donuts or homemade chicken and broccoli fettucini Alfredo.


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