Stranger Things took over the world in 2016. Fans anxiously awaited on the return of the second season back in October, and the Dartmouth Police Department capitalized on its popularity in their annual Christmas video. In partnership with Dartmouth Community Television, officers brushed up on their acting skills for this funny skit about dragons, cats, a kid with a nosebleed, and Eggos.


Though this might seem a bit ‘Upside Down’ from our traditional holiday videos, we thought that since we saw A LOT of ‘Stranger Things’ in 2017, it would be appropriate. So please grab either a Three Musketeers bar or some Eggos, curl up on the couch with either your cat or demo-dog and enjoy the show! Happy Holidays from the members of the Dartmouth Police Department and DCTV. PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY!!!”

In the words of Lisa Santos: “Eleven thumbs up!”

The video was just posted on Facebook at 11:20 on Tuesday morning and it already has over eight hundred views and 25 shares. (Eleven of those views may or may not be from yours truly, but who’s counting?)

Special thanks to: Dispatcher Melissa McGuire, Officers Jose Catana, Amanda Tavares, Justin Mederios, Robert Days, Joseph Hilchey, and Chief Brian Levesque. Also Administrative Assistant Liz Medeiros.

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