Perk up your ears.

The Town of Dartmouth is warning residents to be alert while enjoying outdoor activities as coyotes become more adventurous this time of year.

The Department of Public Health issued an alert on the Town of Dartmouth's Facebook page saying younger coyotes that were born in the spring are learning to hunt during the autumn months as they are decreasing their dependency on their parents.

The Town has received an increase of coyote related calls to Animal Control about coyote encounters with their pets.

The Department of Public Health has posted several tips on how to make your property less appealing to coyotes. DPH Director Christopher Michaud suggests you don't feed any wild animals such as deer or raccoons, secure garbage in areas coyotes won't be able to access, and make loud noises with pans or horns and whistles to scare off any bold coyotes. Residents with pets should accompany their furry friends when they go outside at night.

Rabies is also a concern, as the disease is present in Dartmouth wildlife. Michaud says children should be taught to never approach any wildlife.

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