Although many will celebrate this weekend with barbecues, vacation trips and time off from work, may we never forget that freedom comes with a cost.

Memorial Day is upon us and local veterans will honor the fallen Monday, May 30.

In Dartmouth, two Marines are taking on a project that was paused the past few years.

Pete Lantz and his father Raymond run USA Wealth Group Inc. on Faunce Corner Road. They both fought for our country and are proud to be called the few and the proud: Marines.

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Over the years, during each federal holiday (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.), the town lined up American flags down the side of Faunce Corner Road to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the Country. The Lantz family is now stepping up and taking over the project to continue the legacy of honor, respect and freedom.

On Saturday, May 28, at 7:30 a.m., the father-son duo will be seen lining up the flags on the busy road to pay tribute to the fallen, along with active-duty service members and veterans. The flags will wave along the Faunce Corner median by Route 6 and up to the Cross Road intersection.

Lantz is funding the project through the family company and was granted permission through the town with welcoming arms.

Throughout the month, volunteers assembled the bases and poles for the flags, and dug holes along the median. Lantz is giving special recognition to Brad Thelin, Jenn Czapiga, Michelle Roza, Nelson Amaral and Boy Scout Troop 74, Devin Mederia, Nick Livesey, Patrick Mendonca and Julie Giusti from Dartmouth Fire Department District 3, Jay Lewis and his friend Scully.

Donations came from John Haran, Alex Aguiar and Meagan Wakefield in honor of her father, Michael E. Lafferty, a U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran.

Many materials came from Home Depot, "facilitated by Connor and Katie," Lantz said, with USA Wealth Group covering the remaining costs.

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