Now that the gates to Disney World are wide open, it allows for Mickey and Minnie Mouse to travel again. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse will be taking a trip to the SouthCoast and stopping at the Dartmouth Mall next weekend for an exclusive pancake breakfast. It’s the perfect event for Disney lovers and it doesn’t require a trip to Orlando.

The Dartmouth Mall is known for hosting family-fun events, and now that the SouthCoast continues to move in the right direction post-pandemic, their event calendar has begun to fill up. On Sunday, May 16, the mall welcomes Mickey and Minnie to the food court, where they will greet guests while families enjoy pancakes and a goody bag provided by the mall.

Tickets are $20 and space will be limited for social distancing, so if your little one loves Disney and breakfast food, this is the event for them. And let’s be honest, we adults love Disney characters just as much as the kids do.

It’s exciting to hear about fun events returning to the SouthCoast. It gives parents a chance to fill up their agenda and occupy their kids with activities that doesn’t involve staying in their rooms.

My nephew’s passion for Disney is in its infancy, but I’m sure after meeting Mickey for the first time, that love will grow. Thankfully for his parents, a trip to the Dartmouth Mall is more manageable than airline tickets.

For more information on Mickey and Minnie’s Pancake Breakfast, click here.

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