Juliana Simmons lives in Dartmouth and has two daughters. Addison is 10 years old and Violet just turned 18 months old. Now that both of the girls are home for the summer, she was considering hiring someone to watch the youngest so that she could get work done and finish online classes.

“I will be home, I just need some uninterrupted time to focus on those things,” Simmons said.

Remembering that a friend recently interviewed her daughter for a similar position in their own household, Simmons thought it would be a good idea to allow Addison to apply for the job as well.

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“After all, every single time anyone has ever watched them, Addison was really the one watching Violet because she doesn’t let anyone hold her and always freaks out when I leave,” Simmons said.

Simmons sent Addison a text message including the job proposal, the meeting location, and the time of the interview.

Photo contributed by Juliana Simmons

Addison was excited about the opportunity and wasted no time. She immediately began preparing for the interview, even creating a PowerPoint presentation for her potential employer, AKA mom. Addison was punctual to the dining room, laptop in hand.

Photo contributed by Juliana Simmons

“She was ready to answer all of our questions and even negotiated a few things that she was adamant about, like no changing dirty diapers,” Simmons said.

Simmons was thoroughly impressed with Addison’s presentation and how much work she put into it. She knows that she is taking the position seriously and is excited to start earning her own money.

Photo contributed by Juliana Simmons

“I’m so proud of my girl,” Simmons said.

Addison is happy that all of that hard work paid off. Negotiations went well and now she officially has a paying gig.

“I wanted the job because I wanted to help out my mom and make some extra money for the summer,” Addison said. “I made the slideshow so I would look more professional and not forget about any major things when I presented it. I will be watching my sister for about five hours a week. It will be about two and a half hours a day, twice per week. My mom will also still change her poopy diapers and put her to sleep.”

This little girl is going places. She was not messing around when it came to achieving her goal. She pulled out all the stops to make it happen and it's great to see this kind of work ethic in a local 10-year-old.

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