A local ice cream favorite has been named one of the top ice cream stands in New England!

Salvadors Ice Cream in South Dartmouth (you know, the one that's shaped like a milk jug?) has been selected as one huffingtonpost.com's many ice cream stands that make New England...well, New England!

Salvardor's Ice Cream via Facebook

If you have family or friends visiting from outside New England this summer, take them to Salvadors. It definitely has the charm of New England, which makes it a great place for visiting tourists! It's no secret that New England and specifically Massachusetts is filled with top notch places so we're excited that Salvadors in South Dartmouth made the cut!

Salvador's started as a dairy farm in 1890 and was originally located in New Bedford but in 1936 it was moved to Dartmouth.

Salvador's is located at 460 Smith Neck Road in South Dartmouth.