Fun 107, along with First Citizens Federal Credit Union, IZ Schwartz Appliance, and SouthCoast Elite Real Estate Group were thrilled to issue $2,500 in booster money to some of the most worthy school clubs and teams on the SouthCoast.

We asked any SouthCoast school club or team that could use some extra booster help to submit a request for the money on the Fun 107 app. We got a bunch of entries from local schools, then voting was opened up to the public to determine who would receive the grants.

The votes were tabulated over the weekend, and we went out this morning after the show to hand out the checks.

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Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Incredibly, the top three clubs to receive votes were all from Dartmouth High School. Coming in third place was the Dartmouth High School Best Buddies and Unified Bowling Team. Team leaders say they will use the $500 grant for the costly expense of buses to Wonderbowl in New Bedford.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

In second place was the Dartmouth High School Theatre Company. It will be using the $1,000 boost to help pay for the set of its presentation of Shrek The Musical.  

Finally, the Dartmouth High School Robotics Team will use its $1,000 for travel to competition and for parts for its robots. The team earned an astounding 370,091 total votes. The club members neither confirmed nor denied using robots to help them pad the voting, but we have our suspicions, and we applaud them for using their knowledge to give them an edge.

Congratulations to Dartmouth High School for sweeping all of the Fun 107 booster money.

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