The Arts were WBSM’s Mini Miracle family in December of 2019. Eleanor Art is a five-year-old girl from Dartmouth battling cancer. She has had numerous chemotherapy treatments since she was first diagnosed with leukemia back in 2018. After many ups and downs in Eleanor’s journey, she finally got the chance to celebrate the last day of chemo with a little help from the nurses and staff at The Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana Farber.

Eleanor’s mom, Audrey Art, posted about the experience on Facebook on Tuesday, April 21, just one week before Ellie's sixth birthday. “The moment we’ve all been waiting for! I am so incredibly proud of this girl. She fought like a kid and she WON! Now to celebrate as a family as we, unfortunately, couldn’t all be together for this wonderful celebration that the wonderful nurses and staff at The Jimmy Fund made sure we still had, regardless of coronavirus. It was so difficult not to give big hugs to everyone who played a role in ensuring her health, happiness, and safety over the past two years.”

Ellie may have been a little shy being serenaded by the nurses who showed up to honor her. They can be heard singing, “Bye, bye, Chemo” with perfect pitch, I might add. Audrey admitted that “even though she seemed to not enjoy her song and dance, she watched it over and over for the entire ride home from Boston with big smiles.”

The Arts were blown away by the staff’s kindness and dedication to making it a special moment for their Ellie. “It was so sweet,” said Audrey. “We were under the impression that they wouldn’t be able to do any of that due to COVID-19, but they made it happen.”

Audrey Rose via Facebook
Audrey Rose via Facebook

Ellie wore a shirt that read, “Fought like a kid and I won!” to mark the occasion. Her two sisters, Julia and Penelope, weren’t able to attend the big-to-do at the hospital, but they still supported their sister with shirts that read, “In this family, no one fights alone - sister squad.”

The family still hopes to celebrate Ellie’s last chemo with family and friends soon. “We’re hoping to have a parade to celebrate on May 9th at 4:30! Mark it on your calendar!”

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