Our second stop on our Food For Tots tour happens this Thursday when we roll into Dartmouth.  We've teamed up with the best restaurants in town to create a super easy way for you to support children's healthcare here on the SouthCoast.

Here are Dartmouth's Food For Tots restaurants:

These restaurants have agreed to donate 15% of their sales all day on Thursday...for both lunch and dinner.

By going out to eat at our Food For Tots restaurants, you're helping bring Boston Children's Hospital doctors and services right to the SouthCoast.  Our goal is to give every SouthCoast child access to the elite doctors at Boston Children's Hospital without the need of driving up to Boston.  There are a few reasons this is important.  First and foremost, in emergency situations, every second counts.  If children can be seen locally by the same doctors that are walking the halls in Boston, that is a huge advantage to the children.  Secondly, beyond the convenience factor, not every family on the SouthCoast has the means to bring their children up to Boston for specialist appointments  without creating a hardship.  Making those same doctors available here on the SouthCoast makes it possible.

Big thank you's to our matching sponsors this month:  Toyota of Dartmouth and Baarsvick/Souza Orthodontics.  All proceeds from Food For Tots go directly to the Friends of Jack Foundation whose mission is to elevate children's access to world-class healthcare here on the SouthCoast.

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