As a nor’easter blasts its way through New England, one local weather report was less about the blowing wind and more about breaking wind.

In his forecast during the 6 p.m. news, WJAR 10 Chief Meteorologist Mark Searles was sharing some of the rainfall totals across the region during the storm and had a total blunder in his graphics when reporting on the total for Dartmouth.

Instead of “Dartmouth,” the graphic read “Fartmouth.”

Now, we’ve heard of people pronouncing it “Darkmouth,” but referring to it as “Fartmouth” just stinks.


Of course, it was just a silly mistake and nobody can really blame Searles when the “D” and the “F” are right next to each other on the keyboard. He’s been around for a long time, and has been a consummate pro, so we can forgive him if he – pardon the phrase – let one slip.

In a later newscast, Searles acknowledged the typo.

“I know people had a lot of fun with my misspelling of ‘Dartmouth’ in the earlier shows,” a smiling Searles said. “We’ve corrected that, it is ‘Dartmouth’ with a ‘D.’”

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Naturally, a few folks grabbed screen shots of Searles’ mistake and posted them to social media.

Amy Paulhus just so happened to be watching the WJAR newscast for the weather report when she noticed the fart flub.

“I thought it was hysterical. I never catch typos or silly things on TV,” she said. “I just came home to visit from Virginia and I was excited about the snow, which is why I was watching the weather. I saw ‘Fartmouth’ and heard him skip the town and just laughed.”

Courtesy Miranda Laughlin
Courtesy Miranda Laughlin

Coloradan-turned-Rhode Islander Miranda Laughlin initially laughed before genuinely wondering if we here on the SouthCoast had actually named a town after flatulence.

“I burst out laughing!” she said. “And I asked my husband, because we aren’t from Massachusetts, ‘Is there a town called Fartmouth?’ When we realized it was meant to be Dartmouth, we died laughing over the typo.”

“My kids, who are all elementary aged, thought it was hilarious that ‘potty talk’ made the news,” she said.

We guess you could say it was a real gas.

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