Like everybody else in Massachusetts, Jenn and Manny Santo from Dartmouth had dreams of winning $1.6 billion Tuesday night in the Mega Millions lottery game. That did not happen. They did, however, hold one of the two Mega Millions tickets worth one million dollars!

Their son, who is a senior at Dartmouth High, was playing a soccer game in Bridgewater that night. Lucky for them, the high school soccer game diverted their fate to drive by the Cumberland Farms on Main Street in Bridgewater. The Santo family was destined to get handed a quick pic from that Cumberland Farms lottery machine. Each of the five white balls was an exact match. The golden ball was a "2" (instead of the winning #5). That one number is all that stood between the Santo family splitting $1.6 billion with the winner from South Carolina.

The Dartmouth couple tells Fun 107 that they plan on paying down debt, then using the rest to pay for their kids' college tuition and help them with down payments on houses. They have a son at Dartmouth High School and a fifth grader at the DeMello School.

Jenn is a nurse, and Manny is an IT professional.

They'll call into the Michael Rock Show tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. to share their story on the air.

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