Although I love to bake cookies around the holidays, I'm not sure I would attempt Massachusetts' most-searched cookie recipe. If you ask me, local bakers are pretty brave for even trying these tasty treats.

Google recently released the most searched-for Christmas cookie in each state. Gingerbread cookies and peanut butter blossoms were tops in a lot of states, but Massachusetts' choice was unique.

Only the Bay State had Linzer cookies as the most googled recipe this year -- pretty impressive if you ask me.

Honestly, I am impressed because I don't think these are cookies I would ever try making at home. The traditional Austrian cookie is made with almond flour and basically involves turning two cookies into a jam-filled sandwich with a shape cut in the top layer and powdered sugar sprinkled over everything.

Linzer cookies. Traditional Christmas Austrian cookies with red jam sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Copy space.
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Delicious, but complex.

Yet Massachusetts bakers did not shy away from this challenging cookie and more than anyone in the country, searched for a recipe to give them a try.

In most other New England states, including Rhode Island, Italian Christmas cookies were what folks are looking to bake this season.

Those cookies are made with ricotta cheese in the batter, to give them an extra creamy taste, though the coating of sugary frosting and colorful sprinkles usually make them disappear first from festive cookie trays.

Italian Christmas Cookies a soft and sweet cake-like cookie covered with icing and sprinkles closeup in the plate. Horizontal
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Whether you plan to make Massachusetts' most searched-for Christmas cookie, Rhode Island's beloved Italian Christmas cookies or your own favorite holiday recipe, this is a good week for baking and a perfect time of year for extra treats.

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