With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might want to start prepping your turkey with a recipe the whole family will enjoy.

Over at Eco Kids Learning Center in Fairhaven, the preschoolers are whipping up their ideas for the best turkey and it's the cutest thing you'll read on the internet today.

Kerin Tavares has been a teacher on the SouthCoast for 12 years and has spent the last couple of those years in Fairhaven with pre-kindergarten students. Her class this year has 10 students, all 4 and 5 years old.

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This week Tavares presented to her class an assignment that she saw on social media. It asks the kids to come up with their recipe for cooking a turkey.

"It's my first year doing this assignment with my students," Tavares said. "I got the idea from a TikTok teacher and wanted to try it with my kids as a small group extracurricular activity."

Tavares asked her class:

"If we made a turkey, what can we put on it to make it taste better?"

Cuteness overload ensued. The kiddos suggested fruits, sweets, pastries and, in one case, bones.

Check out their answers below.

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