Whether you're looking for a fun course to round out a tough semester or just want to take a wacky, one-off class for fun, there are plenty to choose from at local colleges and universities.

College is a time to try new things, take different classes and see what you may want to do with your life. But even as someone who graduated long ago, these classes just sound like a good time...

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    Hemera Technologies

    A Global History of Piracy at Stonehill College

    The class' full name is Beneath the Skull and Crossbones: A Global History of Piracy, which sounds pretty badass.

    In the class you'd explore the phenomenon and origins of piracy as well as examine a pirate's daily life.

    I imagine eye patches and hoop earrings are optional.

    Best part, no prerequisites required!

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    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    Biology of Sharks at UMASS Dartmouth

    This one sadly has a lot of biology prerequisites before you can take it, but it still sounds super cool.

    The course description says you'll learn the "most unusual aspects of these fish, such as modes of reproduction, osmotic regulation, feeding mechanisms, and sensory physiology."

    That means you'll have lots of fun facts to share with friends come shark week!

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    Geography of Coffee at Bridgewater State

    If you love coffee, this is the geography class for you!

    The course is actually a study tour, which means you literally travel, drink coffee and get college credit!

    The class description says the course typically takes place in Nicaragua and during the semester abroad you'll have "direct involvement with coffee-growing communities, including meals and overnight stays with farm families."

    And you can take the course again in another country for additional credit...yum!

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    Pavement Design at UMASS Dartmouth

    The course is part of the Civil Engineering program, so clearly you've gotta have some brains for this one...but it just sounds strange.

    I have never looked at a parking lot and thought "who designed this?", but I guess someone did...and maybe they took this class first.

    You literally learn the principles and methods of designing pavement...like at airports and stuff.

    Apparently not all pavement is created equal.

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    Intro to Weaving at UMASS Dartmouth

    If you don't want to strain your brain with civil engineering classes, how about a nice weaving course instead?

    Also at UMASS you can enjoy Intro to Weaving and learn how to use a mutli-harness floor loom (okay that sounds like it could be complicated)

    The class will have you making works of art and if you master the loom you can move up to Complex Weaving next semester!

  • stevanovicigor

    Humans Behaving Badly at Stonehill College

    We all know humans can behave badly, but this course discusses how human behavior affects economics.

    The course description says topics like "why companies use coupons rather than low prices" and "why some pollution is a good thing" are just some of what the class blends together.

    Seems to me like the discussions in this class could get very interesting.

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    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Sociology of McDonald's at Stonehill College

    This one sounds like something I would have taken in college, just for fun!

    Open to first year students, this sociology course called Lovin' It? A Sociology of McDonald's and Everyday Life examines the "McDonaldization" of everyday life.

    You'll take a look at the economic, health, environmental and cultural impact of McDonald's and maybe never see the fast food chain the same again.

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