Baseball season may be months away, but there's an interesting new sport taking over Fenway Park this weekend.

Crashed Ice advertises itself as the "fastest sport on skates", but it's nothing like speedskating.

Participants don their skates and take to a track filled with hills, jumps, ramps and more.

Think ski cross or snowboard cross from the Olympics, but on a pair of ice skates.

The sport comes from Red Bull and it definitely takes some energy to compete in. And bravery.

ATSX Ice Cross Downhill World Championship
Red Bull via Getty Images

And this weekend you can witness this crazy new sport for yourself at Fenway Park.

The Red Bull Crashed Ice tour is making a stop in Boston with races being run both Friday and Saturday February 8 & 9.

The first night could be a wet one, with plenty of rain in the forecast. But tickets are still available for the 6 p.m. event.

Saturday's Crashed Ice racing is still TBA, since the competition is part of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

Depending on how things work out in Friday's preliminaries, you could be watching some crazy ice racing this weekend right in Boston.

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