A layer of 300 million-year-old rock under Interstate 95 could cause a massive power outage all along the East Coast. Here's why.

You may think this all sounds like a great science fiction movie, but actual scientists say the next big solar storm could lead to massive power outages from Maine on down to Virginia.

Seems that a layer of rock the stretches pretty much the entire length of I-95 doesn't allow the energy from a major geomagnetic storm pass through it...instead it bounces it back up to the surface for another surge of disruptive energy.

And that disruptive energy could be strong enough to knock out the power grids along the Eastern Seaboard for months...crazy!

I guess luckily, these kinds of major geomagnetic storms only happen about once every one hundred years...so don't hit the panic button just yet.

According to BloombergQuint.com, space scientists and geophysicists have been studying the potential issue and are working to map the entire U.S for these potential threats.

Researchers are also working to create power grids that can withstand solar storms so that even if the disruptive energy is surged back to the surface, it's impact on East Coast power wouldn't be as damaging.

The study of these rocks and their affect on power grids is fairly new however, so the researchers probably have a long way to go in solving this potential problem.

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