Historic homes are nothing new in New England, but finding one that was once an actual working lighthouse is pretty rare. Probably why this unique home in Bristol didn't last long on the market.

Sitting literally under the Mount Hope Bridge between Narrangansett and Mount Hope bays is this two-bedroom, two-bathroom historic home on Old Ferry Road.

The house was built in 1855 to be the Bristol Ferry Lighthouse and guide ferry boats across the bay day after day. Now you can call it home with its panoramic views and private decks.

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Often, when you see a home converted from a historic building, a lot of the history has been removed. Modern updates move in and the interior can often look completely different from the exterior.

Not in this house, though.

I love that the owners who kept historic touches everywhere — lots of original hardwood floors, original fireplaces and essentially no major remodeling of the actual lighthouse tower.

The result is a cozy home with a historic touch that still has all the modern appliances and creature comforts one could want.

Not to mention the breathtaking views you can enjoy each day from the top of the tower.

Clearly, this home looked good to a lot of home buyers, because it was barely on the market for two weeks before it had a pending deal. In fact, this rare find just may have new owners by the time you scroll through the photos of this unique residence.

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