Today, I got to surprise my very first 'Teacher of the Month', Ms. Stacey Denomme!  Ms. Denomme is a 6th Grade Teacher at the Upper Atlantis Charter School in Fall River and her student Savannah, nominated her!

Ms. Denomme was so ecstatic to be chosen, she said she felt like she was dreaming and couldn't stop shaking!!  I was an immediate fan of Ms. Denomme's because she's a huge animal lover like I am, and she taught her cats how to text!

What a wonderful feeling to make someone's day like that!  Congrats Ms. Denomme!!  I attached some pics from earlier today.  From L to R: Ms. Denomme with her class, Savannah, Ms. Denomme and myself (omg, I am a GIANT!),  and me reading the submission from Savannah to Ms. Denomme.  Also, special thank you to Bank 5 and Domino's Pizza for making this possible!

Here is what Savannah submitted to FUN 107 when nominating her teacher, Ms. Denomme:


"I would like to nominate Miss Denomme as teacher of the month because she is a odd and exotic teacher who not only teachers Language Arts but likes to entertain us and goof around with us like a teacher would never do before. Miss. Denomme is training to be a VET TECH, she has traveled to Africa and many other places to explore animals and their habitats and actions. This past summer she went on a trip to Africa and had baboons pulling her hair, she groomed a wild cheetah, and many other animals. This summer she plans on going to Africa to volunteer once again. Miss. Denomme has the craziest mind and teaching lessons that are so creative. She treats everyone like her own kids and says and claims that she taught her cat how to text, shop online, and send emails to her on their own small keyboards. I nominate Miss. Denomme for teacher of the month because although she has her bad times she puts a smile on my face every day and I've never had a teacher that odd and fun and full of joy ever for 8 almost 9 years at the Charter School. Please Nominate Miss. Denomme!"



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