Like so many people who have decided to help others during this difficult time, two women from the New Bedford area are using their time to support those in need.
TakeBack NB was created by Lindelle Baptista and Brooke Araujo. The intent of this program was to give back to the New Bedford community in any way possible.

“We have quite a few ideas to reach this objective,” said Lindelle Baptista. “We first began by creating care packages which consist of underwear, a toothbrush, deodorant, water, Gatorade, and small snacks.”

Their next idea was to establish a community coat rack in downtown New Bedford for those in need of a warm winter jacket to get through this bitter cold season. Located near the back entrance of the Garden Sports Bar, the rack was meant to remain there, weather permitting, as long as the two women received donations of warm winter coats. “Someone from the city did it a couple of years ago and it received good feedback, so we wanted to bring it back.”

Unfortunately, the coat rack was stolen from that location in less than 24 hours since taking its post at the end of December. It’s a shame that this happened, but Baptista and Araujo were not to be discouraged. The two made sure that a replacement was set up again, only moved up the street a bit to the corner of Barkers Lane. The rack is fully secure to prevent any future thefts.

“We hope you all will join us in giving back to our community especially during these trying times. We have plenty more ideas that we are hoping to come to light with the help and support of the community and we are extremely thankful for those who have been interested in supporting our cause.”

You can follow TakeBack NB on Instagram. If you are interested in donating a coat, please send an email to

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