A heartwarming moment between a colorblind father when he first gets a glimpse of the world in it's true colors.

Opie Hughes has been colorblind his entire life. It wasn't until March 10, his birthday, that his family gave him EnChroma glasses. The glasses enable people who are of red-green colorblindness (the most common form) to be able to see color the way everyone else can. The glasses can change the way the eye perceives light and ultimately distinguish the difference between reds, greens, oranges and browns.

They look like regular sunglasses and cost around $350 to $450 so thankfully, his family, including Hughes' girlfriend and three children, all pitched in to give him such a special gift. Hughes was overwhelmed when he put on the glasses and his family was able to capture his wonderful reaction on camera.

He confessed on his Facebook that his colorblindness has held him back from pursuing career goals. He also stated that it's hard to dress himself sometime and to figure out daily encounters that required seeing particular colors but all of that is now over with the help of modern technology.

Watch the full video down below to see Hughes' reaction.