Can somebody please explain to me what's been going on with the random articles of clothing hanging from trees around the SouthCoast?

First, there was that one single baby shoe dangling off a branch outside of the Warming House down at Buttonwood Park in New Bedford.

Then, we're told, there were a couple of bras hanging from trees outside by the SouthCoast Health Center for Cancer Care on Mill Road in Fairhaven.

Now, a random Christmas sweater has been spotted in front of the old AT&T building, next door to the SouthCoast Business Center.

As soon as you get to the intersection of Bridge Street and Mill Road, coming from Route 240 in Fairhaven, take a left, and the sweater can be seen tied tightly to a tree, weathered from the rain. It's been tied up since February and has yet to be taken down.

Nobody seems to know who hung it up in the first place.

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Why is it even there? Your guess is just as good as mine.

The only theory I can come up with on the spot is that it was left for anyone to bundle up on those cold winter and spring days. There are stories of people leaving gloves, hats and, yes, even sweaters (Christmas or not) out for anyone in need.

If anyone has the answers regarding this random Christmas sweater, which I can foresee staying there until at least July before anyone removes it, feel free to shoot me an email at

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