Christmas is saved thanks to the valiant work of Westport Police Officer Alberio Medina Jr.

Once again, the Grinch was up to its devious ways and needed to be taught a lesson- even if that means getting handcuffed and sent away to the "slammer".

During the early morning hours of December 22nd at the Westport Elementary School, the Grinch was on the prowl and up to no good. The students were told to be on the lookout after the Grinch was caught on the security cameras while the students were busy in their classrooms.

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Throughout the day the Grinch was popping up left and right before running away to keep the students alert. Finally, at the end of the day, after many sightings of the Grinch, Officer Medina was able to pinpoint its location.

With the help of the students, Medina took down the grinch, slapped on the handcuffs, and took it away.

"This was a group effort of all staff, especially Ms. Pacheco, Mrs. Lori Melo, and principal Mrs. Duquette," the school reported once the Grinch was secured.

It's refreshing to see the school having a little fun during the week leading up to the holiday vacation. Let's face it, the students have nothing but Christmas presents and school break on their minds, so having the Grinch distract them for a few hours is a win for both the faculty and the kids.

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